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School History

The International School of Madrid is an independent co-educational Primary and Secondary school, offering a British curriculum to children from 1 to 18 years of age. The school is recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is permitted to take students of all nationalities. We are also a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain.

The school was founded in 1971 as the International Primary School. At that time it was based in El Viso and had just 38 students. The school grew rapidly and moved to its current home, in the Charmartín area of northern Madrid, in 1986. It expanded into the secondary sector on the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 1996 and since 2000 the Secondary school has been housed in its own purpose built premises in C/ Serrano Galvache. In September 2016 the school opened a new infant building in Rosa Jardón. It currently has over 775 students, many of whom the children and grandchildren of former pupils!

School Aims

I.S.M. is an inclusive school which welcomes and values all of its students and their families. We aim to create a family/community atmosphere where children feel safe and secure and in which there is fluid communication between home and school.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which:

  • promotes the academic, spiritual, physical, cultural and moral development of students;

  • prepares children for adult life and encourages them to become good citizens – showing respect, loyalty and friendship towards others;

  • allows children to become fluent and proficient users of the English and Spanish languages, whatever their native tongue is.

Our goal is to provide a high quality education which:

  • promotes high standards of achievement and allows all children to develop to the best of their ability, both personally and academically;

  • generates high levels of student engagement and enthusiasm and allows students to become confident, secure and independent learners.

School Philosophy

To 'educate', as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is ‘to give intellectual, spiritual and moral training to'. This is our objective at the International School of Madrid: to prepare our students for the world of the 21st Century. For 40 years the school has strived to provide an excellent education, marked by quality and individual attention and adapted to the world we live in. Our former students often write back and comment on this preparation.

Education obviously includes teaching, but the former word has a much wider meaning. We attempt to continue and complement the education which children have already begun in their homes, by adding to this professional direction and instruction, attention to the learning process of children, and the transmission of learning skills and techniques so that the student develops the ability to learn independently. ISM encourages the children in active rather than passive learning. No amount of book learning can make up for an equal period of first-hand experience.

Our goal is to prepare our children to become worthy citizens of whatever country they may live in when they grow up. We are educating them - children of different races, creeds, colours and tongues - to live together in peace and harmony, appreciating and understanding each other's different backgrounds and cultures. Our theme is not 'I teach, you learn.' No! We prefer 'We are all here together to learn from each other'. And the basis of this philosophy is respect - for classmates and companions, mutual respect between adults and pupils, respect for property, for rules, etc. Without respect there cannot be discipline, nor can there be a happy learning environment. Thus there is an important emphasis on these values at ISM.

In accordance with our philosophy, the education of the whole person and education for life are the principal aims around which the curriculum revolves. In order to fulfil these aims successfully, we consider at ISM that good manners and an attention to social behaviour must be included among the elements which go to make up the education of the whole person. At ISM there is an emphasis on good discipline, and students are helped to see the social and personal benefits of this, whilst at the same time teachers seek to encourage self-expression, individual ability and talent.

The International School of Madrid endeavours to be a school with a happy, family type atmosphere. There is a small student body and this ensures that all pupils know each other, building up lasting friendships. The students at ISM like to feel that they are a little United Nations. And who knows? Perhaps these grey-uniformed boys and girls will be the leaders of the future generation. At least they will have their International School of Madrid years to draw on for experience.















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