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Parents Association (APA)

We are very lucky to have a very active and supportive parents´ association (The APA). They have their first meeting early on in the Autumn term and would be really glad to see the hall full of enthusiastic parents wishing to be active members of the association. They assist the school in many ways, from helping at the Spanish Fair, to organising outings, preparing musical suppers and arranging a gift for the Year 6 pupils as they move on to Secondary.

We also welcome anyone who wishes to come and speak to the children about any hobbies, sports, pastimes or interesting professions, especially if they tie into the topic the children are studying. Please contact your child’s class teacher. This means parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. The Secondary school would also appreciate help in the careers talks organised for the older children. If you think you could help by giving a talk about your profession, please contact the Secondary school.

The e-mail address for contacting the APA is: apaism@yahoo.es

Click here for the APA's website

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