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Key Stage 2

Ages 8 - 10 years

Key Stage Two:

In Years 3 to 6 we continue to follow the English National Curriculum and from Year 5 upwards, French.

Great emphasis is placed on the contribution of each individual to the school life. This is primarily concerned with the child's contribution in class, but in Key Stage Two the children also begin to participate in team colour events and the Student Government. All children benefit from the regular assemblies prepared by each class. In turn these offer invaluable opportunities to gain confidence in language skills in front of an audience and offer a forum for sharing ideas and experiences.

A message from our Head Teachers

Welcome to the International School of Madrid

We are a family school in the heart of Madrid, and since 1971 have been offering a quality British education to children from all over the world aged 1 to 18. Our motto is Respect, Loyalty and Friendship and these words form the foundation of everything we believe in. We are known for our child-centred approach, happy atmosphere and high standards of academic achievement. We are incredibly proud of the success that our pupils achieve, not just academically, where they outperform their UK counterparts, but also in sports and the arts. Thanks to the school’s broad and balanced curriculum and our unique mix of Advanced level British subjects and Spanish subjects in Years 12 and 13, our students leave prepared to enter British, US and Spanish universities. But, even more importantly than that, we are proud of how well our students behave and of the good adults that they grow up to become.  

We are privileged to lead the International School of Madrid and invite you to come and see us and our fantastic pupils in action.

Mr. Rich Cook

Mr. Michael Wickham

Head teachers

Our Aims and Values

The International School of Madrid is an inclusive school which welcomes and values all of its students and their families. We aim to create a family atmosphere where children feel safe and secure and in which there is fluid communication between home and school.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which:

  • promotes the academic, spiritual, physical, cultural and moral development of students;
  • prepares children for adult life and encourages them to become good citizens – showing respect, loyalty and friendship towards others;
  • allows children to become fluent and proficient users of the English and Spanish languages.

Our goal is to provide a high quality education which:

  • promotes high standards of achievement and allows all children to develop to the best of their ability, both personally and academically;
  • generates high levels of student engagement and enthusiasm and allows students to become confident, secure and independent learners.
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