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Year Six

Children in Year 6 are in the final year of Key Stage Two. At the end of Year 6 children will move to Secondary school.

Year 6 is the equivalent of 5º Primaria and therefore children are 10 - 11 years old.

Resources to support children in Year 6 can be found below.

Upper Key Stage Two Handbook


Spelling Journal - Autumn

Spelling Journal - Spring


Reading Comprehension Y6 Autumn


Science Workbook


Determinantes Y6

Ortografía Year 6

Lengua Revision A Y6

Lengua Revision B Y6

Lengua Revision C Y6


Reading Comprehension

The One That Got Away (narrative)

Time Trouble (narrative)

Leaving Home (narrative)

The Monster of the Common (narrative)

The Cartoonist (narrative)

Down the Mine (personal experience)

Great Walls of the World (information)

Volcanoes (information)

Whales (information)

Inventions (information)

Ever want to be in a Circus? (information)








Number (level 4)

Number (level 5)

Addition & Subtraction (level 4)

Addition & Subtraction (level 5)

Multiplication & Division (level 4)

Calculations (level 5)

Fractions (level 4)

Fractions (level 5)

Decimals (levels 3 & 4)

Decimals (level 5)

Measures (level 4)

Measures (level 5)

Shape (level 4)

Shape and Angles (level 5)

Data Handling (level 4)

Data Handling (level 5)


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