Head teacher's Welcome

We endeavour to be a happy school: one big family where everybody knows each other and lasting friendships are formed. We encourage self-expression, individual ability and talent, not just academic but also in sports and the arts. We teach children values and to be good and responsible citizens.

Our job is to educate. And whilst education obviously includes teaching, the former word has a much wider meaning. We attempt to continue and complement the education which children have already begun in their homes, by adding to this professional direction and instruction, attention to the learning process of children, and the transmission of learning skills and techniques so that the student develops the ability to learn independently. ISM encourages children in active rather than passive learning. No amount of book learning can make up for an equal period of first-hand experience.

Education also includes a spiritual and moral dimension. We want our children to become worthy citizens of whatever country they may live in when they grow up. We are educating them – children of different races, backgrounds and beliefs – to live together in peace and harmony, appreciating and understanding each other’s cultures and points of view. Our theme is not ‘I teach, you learn.’ No! We prefer ‘We are all here together to learn from each other’. And the basis of this philosophy is respect – for classmates and companions, mutual respect between adults and pupils, respect for property, for rules, etc. Without respect there cannot be discipline, nor can there be a happy learning environment. Thus there is an important emphasis on these values. At ISM the education of the whole person and education for life are the principal aims around which the curriculum revolves.

We want to prepare our students for the world of the 21st Century.