Key Stage Two

Years 3 to 6

Key Stage Two

7 - 11 years of age

In Years 3 to 6 we continue to follow the English National Curriculum and, from Year 5 upwards, French. Pupils continue to be taught by a native speaking, British-trained form teacher for most subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Design & Technology and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Pupils receive lessons from specialist teachers in Physical Education, Music, Computing, French and, if chosen, Religion. As required by law, pupils receive a daily lesson in Spanish (Lengua y Literatura) and weekly lessons of Cultura Española (which explores aspects of Spanish history, geography and culture not covered by the British curriculum). Pupils who are new to the language take Spanish as a Foreign Language classes instead of Cultura.

Great emphasis is placed on the contribution of each individual to the school life. This is primarily concerned with the child's contribution in class, but in Key Stage Two the children also begin to participate in team colour events and the Student Government. All children benefit from the regular assemblies prepared by each class. In turn these offer invaluable opportunities to gain confidence in language skills in front of an audience and offer a forum for sharing ideas and experiences.

During Music lessons, all pupils are taught to read music and to play instruments, including the recorder, guitalele and keyboard. Several opportunities for public performance are provided each year, including at the annual Christmas Show and Musical Evening, both of which take place in nearby theatres.

In addition to the regular PE classes, all pupils in Key Stage Two receive swimming lessons at a nearby pool. Pupils in Years 4 to 6 are also taken to nearby pitches and tracks for sports and athletics practices. ISM is part of a group of ten local British schools which compete in regular football, basketball, cross-country and athletics competitions.

At the end of Key Stage Two, just as in England, Year 6 pupils take the National Curriculum Tests (SATs). At ISM, these are externally marked. Our pupils do exceptionally well, outperforming their UK counterparts. For example, in 2018, 98% of ISM students achieved the expected level or above in Mathematics (compared to 76% in the UK), 93% of ISM students reached the expected level or above in Reading (compared to 75% in the UK) and 95% in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (compared to 78%).