School Life

Pastoral Care

The International School of Madrid offers much more than excellent academic achievement. We care about the whole child, not just his or her exam results and academic progress. We aim to create a nurturing and supportive setting in which students are happy and stimulated.

ISM prides itself in being available to parents. We are approachable, with an open door policy to the parents of children under our care, and make ourselves easily available to parents via email and phone. We provide parents with a wealth of information about their child’s education, and support our eldest students when making university and career choices.

There is close communication between tutors and the school’s managers, alongside our Inclusion co-ordinator and school Psychologist, in order to address all aspects of pupils’ social and emotional development.  The Student Government in Primary and Student Council and Head Boy and Girl in Secondary also take pride in looking after and mentoring the younger pupils. Additionally the house system facilitates the integration and communication between older and younger pupils, who know who to go to get advice and help. Activities outside the classroom such as sports competitions and the annual Musical are additional ways in which students develop their abilities and also feel supported.


Field trips and excursions provide important moments in a pupil’s learning. They offer the opportunity to encounter and explore new and interesting things in an authentic setting. They ignite interest and engagement and provide experiences that can be recalled long after the visit. Residential trips also, in many cases, provide pupils with their first experience of being away from home.

Therefore, at the International School of Madrid all classes take several excursions per year, to a wide variety of places. Recent day trips have included:the farms La Granja Escuela el Rodeo, La Esgaravita and Nuestra Tierra; The art galleries Thyssen-Bornemisza, Prado and Caixa Forum; The museums Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Museo Nacional de Cinecia y Tecnologia, Museo del Ferrocarril, Museo San Isidro, Museo de Ciencas Naturales, Museo del Traje; the wildlife and nature parks Faunia, Madrid Zoo, Safari Madrid, Adventura Amazonia and Real Jardín Botánico; as well as activities such as rock climbing, orienteering and skating.

In addition to this there are also residential, language, geography and science trips organised over the year for Secondary pupils, both in Spain and abroad. Recent trips have included to the Gredos Centre in the Sierra de Gredos, to London, and to see the Large Hadron Collider in Serne.

Pupils in Years 7 to 9 go on an induction camp with their teachers and camp monitors in the hills near Madrid in September. An annual skiing trip is offered to pupils in Years 7 - 13 in February and a week-long camping trip for pupils in Years 3 -6 is arranged during June.

The ISM Houses

Our four house are named after the saints of the British Isles - St George, St Andrew, St Patrick and St David.

Fulfil their Potential

Help each student reach his or her full potential intellectually, academically, and emotionally

Core Values

Promoting our core values to the student throughout the time they are with us

Create a sense of Belonging

Each house secures a sense of belonging to the house members, by providing opportunities for student participation and for student leadership roles


By providing a structure conducive to enriching the lives of the house members, each student is supported with their social-emotional growth and supported with making responsible choices.