Welcome to our Secondary department. We are very proud of how well our students leave in Year 13, thoroughly prepared for the next step in their career.


When they reach Year 7, pupils move to our custom built Secondary site, just a short distance away from Primary. Years 7 to 9 are known as Key Stage Three and here pupils follow the full range of English National Curriculum subjects, taught by our excellent specialist teachers. In addition, Spanish language and humanities (Cultura Española) are taught according to local Spanish requirements (around 20% of curriculum time). As well as becoming fluent in English and Spanish, our pupils achieve a very high level of French, due to our teaching of the French language from Year 5 up. Our Secondary pupils benefit from a range of specialist facilities, including science laboratories, computer suites, art studios and our large sports hall.


In Years 10 and 11, pupils are prepared for the IGCSE exams and will make, for the first time, some choices as to which subjects they study. A typical ISM student will earn 9 IGCSE certificates: First Language English, English Literature, Mathematics, Co-ordinated Sciences (double award), Spanish, plus: French or Geography; History or Computer Science; Economics or Art & Design. Other obligatory subjects include Physical Education & Sports and Religion or Citizenship.

Advanced Level

In Years 12 and 13 pupils will select AS/A-level subjects from the following choices: Literature in English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry,  Physics, History, Geography, Business Studies, Computer Science, French, and Art & Design. Spanish speakers will also take Spanish A-level. To support those wishing to apply for Spanish universities, the school also offers a comprehensive range of Spanish subjects. Our rich and comprehensive curriculum prepares our students for any university course they may choose to pursue, be it in the UK, Spain, the US or, indeed, the rest of the world.

Beyond the Curriculum

Our pastoral care and house system provide opportunities for our pupils to develop abilities and skills beyond those that are purely academic. The annual drama performance, this year Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the KS3 induction camp and the ski trip are excellent examples of activities outside the classroom which encourage personal development, social skills and promote the sense of family we are so proud of at ISM.