Primary School

British International Primary School in the heart of Madrid

Key Stage One: 5 -7 years of age

High quality education in the first years has been shown not just to improve children’s thinking skills and later performance in school, but to make a lasting and positive contribution to their whole future.

Therefore, in Years 1 and 2, by following the English National Curriculum, we aim to build on the firm base that children have received in the Foundation Stage and provide them with a broad and stimulating curriculum that allows them to become confident and enthusiastic learners.

Children are naturally curious and so the curriculum favours a practical and creative approach, encouraging pupils to understand how their skills can be applied to real-life situations. Our teachers are highly trained and passionate professionals who create varied and challenging lessons that allow children to make connections between different subjects and topics in practical ways – by thinking creatively, working collaboratively, asking questions and solving problems.

Aside from the daily lesson of Spanish Language and Literature, all of our lessons are taught in English. Being immersed in English right from the beginning means that children very quickly start to use the language confidently, even if they don’t speak it at home.

Children also learn to read and write in English, developing good comprehension skills and the ability to express themselves in writing for a wide range of purposes. They learn not just to count in English, but to use numbers with confidence, with a growing understanding of the basic mathematical concepts that are essential for later learning. They are encouraged to be creative, producing art work in a variety of different mediums, singing, dancing, role-playing and, from Year 2, learning to play tuned musical instruments.

Key Stage Two: 7 - 11 years of age

In Years 3 to 6 we continue to follow the English National Curriculum and pupils are taught by a native speaking, British-trained form teacher for most subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Art, Design & Technology. Good communication and collaboration skills are vital in the modern world. By Key Stage Two, our pupils are able to communicate fluently in English and the vast majority have the advantage of being bilingual in Spanish and English. To give them an even greater advantage in later life, and to open up further opportunities, from Year 5 we also begin teaching a third language, French.

We are fortunate to be joined in Key Stage Two by a number of specialists who teach Physical Education, Music, Computing, French and, if chosen, Religion. Pupils receive a daily lesson in Spanish and weekly lessons of Cultura Española (which explores aspects of Spanish history, geography and culture not covered by the British curriculum).

During Music lessons, all pupils are taught to read music and to play instruments, including the recorder, guitalele and keyboard. Several opportunities for public performance are provided each year, including at the annual Christmas Show and Musical Evening, both of which take place in nearby theatres.

In addition to the regular PE classes, all pupils in Key Stage Two receive swimming lessons at a nearby pool. Pupils in Years 4 to 6 are also taken to nearby pitches and tracks for sports and athletics practices. ISM is part of a group of ten local British schools which compete in regular football, basketball, cross-country and athletics competitions.

Great emphasis is placed on the contribution of each individual to the school life. This is primarily concerned with the child’s contribution in class, but in key stage two the children also begin to participate in house team events and the Student Government. All children benefit from regular assemblies prepared by each class, as well as other shows and events. In turn these offer invaluable opportunities to gain confidence in language skills in front of an audience and offer a forum for sharing ideas and experiences.


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